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Solutions for Elevator Entrapments

Understanding the unique challenges with elevator rescues in California is essential for firefighters. Specific requirements, multiple manufacturers, and state regulations make entrapments in California more complex. This new online course is a must-have for all California fire departments.

Entrapment is a
life and death Situation

More than 30 people are killed each year and a staggering 17,000 people are injured in the U.S. as a result of elevator incidents.

What Qualifies Us to Teach?

Elevator Expertise

With scores of successful rescues behind us, SRT knows its stuff.

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Developed specifically for online delivery. You’ll become an expert.

The Outcome

You’ll be a better prepared firefighter, with a much-needed skill set.

Our online course is a must have solution for all truck and rescue companies. I believe it’s essential for every engine company as well.

— Cpt. Mike Zichichi, Owner, Specialized Rescue Training

Our Campus

A Learning Environment for Every Firefighter

Fire Captain Mike Zichichi has collaborated with experienced elevator technicians for more than 20 years. He has a passion for technical rescue disciplines, proven through many successful elevator rescues. He has taught hundreds of California firefighters how to mitigate elevator entrapments through his in-person training.

Now he has developed an online companion class, to reach even more first responders. The new Solutions to Elevator Entrapments, is available online and teaches the basics of elevator function and components, the difference between incidents and emergencies in elevator entrapments, and skilled rescue methods. The course stands on its own, but is most effective when used as a prerequisite for in-person training where first responders can learn, hands-on, how to perform successful elevator rescues.

Our Products

Response Kit

A custom-made set of tools designed with all elevators in mind, and a companion reference guide to make implementation easy.

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