Important specialized rescue tools.

Elevator Response
Rescue Kit

There’s more to elevator entrapment rescues than meets the eye. Understand how to de-energize and lock-out electrical circuits, and safely open doors without damage to elevators or harm to trapped occupants.

Response Kit

Includes a carry case, reference guides and customized elevator picks

Waiting on an elevator technician may not be an option and neither should damage to an elevator. Mike’s elevator tool kits are part of the inventory on every one of our engines. It is good knowing our firefighters have the knowledge, proper techniques and the right tools to be successful

Dave Rogers, Battalion Chief, City of Vacaville Fire Department

Carrying Case

11" x 17” hard plastic carry case. Fits all your elevator entrapment essentials in one compact kit.

Elevator Reference Guides

SRT’s “Elevator Entrapment Procedures”, "Elevator Manufacture Reference Guide” and “Guide to Elevator Picks”

Elevator Picks

A selection of nine custom elevator picks to provide entry into nearly all hoist way doors. Included is a pick that works with all center opening doors.