Frequently Asked Questions

Providing answers to the most commonly asked questions from firefighters

Why are elevator rescue tactics different in California?

California is the only state in the country that has ban Escutcheon tubes in elevator doors. As a result, Lunar keys (elevator keys) don’t work.

Why is this training valuable to firefighters?

The training is a simple-to-complex procedure firefighters can follow to assure minimal to no property damage, maximum efficiency, and most important, quick civilian rescues without harm to occupants or firefighters.

What if you don’t have elevator picks, or are unable to open door(s) with picks?

90% of elevator entrapments are resolved with a power reset. In addition, after completing the training, firefighters will know how to instruct a physically able, entrapped person how to assist with an inside out rescue. You will also learn what constitutes a true elevator emergency, and how to use irons to attack the keeper or interlock, to effect a timely rescue.

Is purchasing the “elevator response kit” a requirement?

No. However it will increase your agency’s capabilities and professionalism at your next elevator entrapment.